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Home automation project

The Project

We are planning to extend our home in late 2007 with the addition of a 3rd floor comprising of one bedroom with en suite, a "Computer Room / Office" and a walk in cupboard. One of my ambitions has always been to create an automated house and this project provides an ideal opportunity. My objective is to fully automate the 3rd floor including lighting, heating, windows, music, CCTV and sound.


I am retaining details of project costs in an excel spreadsheet which can be downloaded. My overall budget for the complete automation project is around £6K although ancillary items may still be required.


The automation hardware is predominantly based on the C-Bus technology although other hardware will be used to supplement other aspects of the project .C-Bus has been developed by an australian company of the same name but can be readily sourced in the UK whilst the other hardware is all purchased from various UK suppliers.


Having explored a number of options for this I have now centered on a mixture of included HomeGate, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Media Monkey and iTunes.

Photo Gallery

As the project progresses through the various stages I will endeavour to take as many photos as possible to show others how it all goes to plan.


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