Welcome to Brian Glass Art

Hello, I am an artist and as such I love to paint. It is the self promotion part I do not like and that includes updating websites and pushing myself forward to galleries. However, it is essential. So if anyone knows any galleries that might be interested in my work, let them know I am here. E-mail me via the contact page.

For subject matter I will tackle anything although I am not too keen on flowers, must be the pollen. I accept commissions if you want to ask me to paint anything just use the form on the ‘contact’ page to do so.. If you see something you like on the gallery pages please get in touch, my prices are reasonable and in any case I would appreciate the feedback.

The site is divided into four and the sections can be reached from the bar at the top. The Painting and Photography tabs will take you into the galleries of my work. They are sub-divided into subjects. The contact tab takes you to the enquiry form. Lastly there is a links page that will connect you to artists I admire, suppliers of art materials that I use and the odd (sometimes very odd) people I know who have their own websites. All the links open up in new pages so you do not have to leave my site…ever!

All images on this site are subject to copyright and may not be used without express permission from me. As with all things on the internet I realise that this is difficult to police but if caught using my images without express permission you will be prosecuted.

For the images of the paintings the usual caveat applies. The originals may not appear exactly as depicted on the site as browsers, viewers and monitors vary in colour, tone and balance.